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Team Sports and Banners


For years team and individual sports photos have felt more like a chore, something that has to be done instead of something both the parents and athletes want to do.  As parents to kids fully involved in sports, we know it's time for a change. We have stood in the long lines.  And we have been less than thrilled when receiving photos back after waiting for weeks.  

At Jena Golden Photography those days are gone!  

With awesome lighting, posing, creativity and attention to detail, sports images will be proudly posted not only on the fridge, but around the stadiums and all over social media, marketing your team and club sports!  We make photo day an efficient and fun experience.  Please read on to learn why Jena Golden Photography should be your choice for team and individual sports photos!


All team images, memory mates, individual images and other products are custom designed to each club’s colors and logo (if supplied).



We know that the key to a hassle free photo day is communication. To help with this, we communicate with members directly giving them all the information they need. We can even send out email to make sure the information gets through. Simply include email addresses on your roster and we will be happy to spread the word. 



We make sure to handle the process from beginning to end.  We are fully staffed to make sure we can answer any of your members questions and fix any mistakes or problems that may arise.  We stand behind our work and our process.  That means fewer headaches in the long run. You can rest assured that we will take great care of your members.


Using our proprietary photography system we will ensure photo day takes half the time of your average sports photographer. We spend on average one minute with each athlete and because the team photographs are put together in the computer off site there is no need to stand around and wait for the team photo to be taken. Once you have gone through the line and had your photo taken you are free to leave, that is as long as it is ok with your coach of course.



Raining? Too sunny? Too cloudy? No problem! We take all of your photos out of the elements and indoors when possible.  Our professional photographers will ensure each athlete is properly posed in their team and individual picture.



Our athletes can select from a variety of poses for their own individual pose. Posing is fun and fluid. No more stagnant, stand straight up images.