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Y'all meet Kala, another one of our 2018 JG models!! Kala will be a senior at North Forsyth High School, and we cannot wait to get to work with her more this year! 

Kala spends most of her time in the gym conditioning. She loves volleyball and plays at North Forsyth.  She is also on the yearbook staff and loves design.  I am very excited that this beautiful, creative girl will represent our company her senior year!

Can't Live Without:
My dogs & my jeep

Favorite Dessert:
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Favorite Candy:
Sour Patch Watermelon 

Favorite Band:
Maroon 5

Favorite Place on Earth:
Megan's Bay, St.Thomas

Random Fact:
I have lived in four different states and traveled all across America.